Monday, October 1, 2007

Please Excuse My Absence...

Please excuse my absence from my usual realms. I have been working undercover as of late.

Incognito, you might say.

It is stunning what one finds if they poke their curious nose around one of the dating websites out there.

One might meet some interesting people. Doctors, lawyers, hairy men in thongs...

Or even, perhaps, an asshat once known as DH.

It is amazing what you can attract with a catchy alias, a few photos of a busty blonde, a fictitious love of surfing, an enviable income, and a bit of sensual mystique.

I feel like a foolish school girl awaiting the outcome of my courtship with my new-found love interest.

In all seriousness, however, I believe I spent a bit of my time (okay, most of it) wallowing in a bit of pity. I'm over it now, having successfully emerged from intensive "retail therapy". Life goes on, and I can't imagine I won't come out of this less worse for the wear than Asshat.

Thank you for everyone's concern.

Let the games continue...