Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It Takes One To Know One

An Asshat, that is.

Since DH is living in a reality of his own creation that makes no sense to those of us who have not had a frontal lobotomy, it is no surprise he would chose an attorney of equal perspective.

Wacky Attorney Jackass, as my attorney liked to call him by the day's end.

By about 10:00 am, it had become the general suspicion of both my attorney and myself (and quite possibly the judge), that Wacky Attorney Jackass had learned to practice law by reading Nancy Drew mysteries and watching episodes of Matlock while eating Cheetos and drinking boxed wine out of a teacup.

First impressions can make or break you...or, in Wacky Attorney Jackass's case, cause the judge to push a 9:00 am hearing to the very bottom of the docket because he is ticked off at you.

It is not presumably wise to try to direct a judge in how he manages his courtroom. Or continue to talk over him once he has decided he has heard enough.

And then to do it again.

Wacky Attorney Jackass does not appear to agree.

Some highlights of his wackassly behavior are as follows...

Apparently, the expectation of the court is that the attorneys meet just before the hearing to come to an agreement. Wacky Attorney Jackass chose simply to refuse to have discussions with my attorney prior to seeing the judge. Nope. Not going to do it, he said.

While we were waiting in the hallway, he did what all highly qualified and exceptionally prepared attorneys would do...He asked other attorneys in the hallway for legal advice.

He demanded the court re-mediate our visitation agreement since "DC is no longer an infant." Unless I've gotten my math skills wrong, DC is ten months old. I do believe that qualifies as infancy.

Our judge, with whom I was very pleased, was all warm and fuzzy smiles when he addressed me. He was like a young, thin Santa without a beard.

He was all scowls and furrowed brows, with his jaw dropped open, when he addressed team Asshat.

Oh, and that fortune I've been hiding away off the coast of Antarctica...Wacky Attorney Jackass seems to have gotten wind of it. He kept referring to my "high" income and "large" deposits made to my bank accounts. I have positively not a clue which accounts those would be, but when he locates them, I do hope I get a cut of the funds.

The judge was clearly not feeling the love for Wackjackly and Company because he was most generous in his award of support to me.

We do have to go back to court at the end of January, at which time, Wacky Attorney Jackass will be responsible for substantiating his claims of my wealth. I have no idea what I will do once he discovers that I am really a princess in line to inherit all of the treasures of ancient Greece.

He will probably be too busy chasing ambulances to take notice.


Major Bedhead said...


flatbrokefarms said...

I am so happy that it went well! Down with Team Asshat!


boklaw said...

woohoo! So there is justice in this world . . . or at least in the So.Cal. legal system.

The Flower Maiden said...

Fantastic!!!! I'm so thrilled for you and Molly!!!

B said...

I do take exception as to Cheetos and boxed for me (although not from a tea cup) LOL.

So glad things went well. You really need to write a book!

Jess said...


So happy that karma bit Asshat 1 and Attorney Asshat in the ASS!!!!

Loric said...

hooray - I am so glad the the judge saw right through them!

d e v a n said...


Sandy said...

I am so happy that things went well for you and Molly.

And you tell Attorney Jackass to keep his hands off that Antarctic's mine once I get my submersible built (you know the one that's like Captain Nemo's) and my pickaxe out of storage.

(I'm wondering if the boxed wine and Cheetos I got my boss for Christmas is good enough *scratching head* . Maybe I'll get her a tea cup too.)

amy said...

woot! so glad it went well!!

dkscott2002 said...

When you do find that fortune, please remember us little people!


Melanie said...

GREAT news!