Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Like Mother, Like Child

This past weekend, DH's grown son was married. In addition to a sizable monetary gift, DH paid for the rehearsal dinner.

It was $1,300.00.

For fewer than 20 people.

In contrast, our rehearsal dinner had been only $450, of which DH paid nothing.

Actually, his total contribution our whole wedding was approximately $0.

Give or take a nickel.

I'm surprised he was able to afford to be so generous with his son. After all, he's been telling me for a long time how little money he has.

Our household financial struggles go back a long way.

While I was pregnant, I developed pneumonia. One hundred three degree fever, I had. For three weeks.

I was sick.

It was also the hottest summer in recent history.

One hundred ten degrees.

But I endured this all without turning on the air conditioner once.

We couldn't afford it, DH kept reminding me.

It's so funny how I've recently discovered that he put over $3,500 into saving and retirement in just that one month.

No wonder there was no money for air conditioning!

Unfortunately, it is evident that DD must endure the same sort of treatment that was lavished upon me.

Prior to my moving out and demanding child support (of which he is not paying enough), DH's total contributions to all DD's needs (including baby furniture, diapers, clothes, everything) was...

Take a deep breath...


But no hard feelings...I'm sure that is all he could afford.


Devan said...

Oh dear. I feel like slapping him.

Melanie said...

No A/C when ill and pregnant??? Wow. Even my ex isn't that bad!

dkscott2002 said...

I seriously want to hurt him. PLEASE?

Tanya said...

He's a piece of work

amy said...

Wow. What a guy.

flatbrokefarms said...

He reminds me of one of those men they make those Lifetime Movies about. Seriously.