Saturday, November 17, 2007

Mama Bear Will Squash You Flat

Forget the woman scorned...hell hath no fury like a mother protecting her child.

I brought DC over to DH's this morning for his two hour visit. In addition to falling asleep while watching her, his other favorite father-daughter activity seems to be taking her over to the neighbor's to look at dents and scratches on the neighbor's car and engage in friendly automotive man-talk...

While said neighbor is dangling a cigarette 14 inches from my baby's face.

So, in an attempt to remove DC from the situation in as expedient of a fashion as possible, I began bellowing at the top of my protective mommy lungs, "GET MY BABY AWAY FROM THAT CIGARETTE SMOKE - NOW!"

Not having received a suitable response, specifically, noting that I was being ignored, I persisted in my dramatic admonitions that "YOU DON'T PUT A CIGARETTE NEAR A BABY'S FACE!"

Ah...I finally got a response. DH began to casually mosey back on home, with cigaretted neighbor right by his (and DC's) side.

After one more round of protective raging, and a shout of "Good for you!" from a passing pedestrian, I darted inside to retrieve my diaper bag and strode out the door with a battle cry of my intent to reclaim my child.

In passing, I did ask DH's neighbor what kind of human being he suspected he was, smoking near a baby.

DH, of course, said DC was just fine and it was no big deal.

While being humiliated in front of his neighbors by a raving lunatic wife will not likely make him into a decent parent, at least he was humiliated.


d e v a n said...


And the last one. What an idiot about the tax returns. What was he thinking?

Melanie said...

Ugh! I *hate* it when people smoke around children. I would have done the same thing. My ex doesn't think it's a big deal either.