Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Green Mile

A few moments shy of the eternity of my imaginings, I was declared officially divorced on July 30th. I wasn't even expecting it at that moment, having been forewarned by my attorney that my marriage could possibly linger into early 2010.

But single, I am. And having come out far ahead of xDH, despite being on the receiving end of his insanity for these past two and a half years, I am quite looking forward to spending the rest of my life wearing strappy heals of at least three inches (something I gave up years ago due to xDHs wee stature).

Now that I give thought to this matter, I do have a pair of six inch platform boots I bought for a costume party that could be cleverly concealed beneath a pair of regular-length jeans, thus causing me to be three inches TALLER than xDH, and thereby accelerating his wee-of-a-man insecurities to the point of rocking back and forth in the corner of a padded room.

DD does still have to see him three days a month (this was not my preference, but apparently "having him used as a test dummy on a historic solar-landing mission" was not on the court-approved list of possible outcomes), but she has become fairly proficient at providing him with parental guidance and teaching him the rules about keeping a child safe.

xDH has reacted to the end of our marriage (specifically, the loss of his assets) as one might expect of a man sentenced to death. Although not left completely penniless and destitute, he has taken to grooming himself as someone who is - unless his lack of bathing could be attributed to the current water shortage out West.

And I...well, I now have a closet full of strappy heals and brightly colored sundresses to make good use of...somehow.

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Kim Scott said...

I am so happy to see you back to blogging. Congrats on finally getting your divorce finalized! I know it was a long road. It does get better but my ex still does some really stupid stuff! LOL