Monday, July 2, 2007

Do You Want To Know The Truth?

Amen for clarity!

And DH is most clearly full of crap.

I called late last night to remind him to leave me a key to get into the house.

Well, that's why I said I was calling. I actually wanted to wake him up. Just for kicks. Dark circles under the eyes don't do much to promote one's adulterous love affairs.

Out of the blue...I mean, out of the blackness of night, DH asked "Do you want to know the truth?"

No thank you. I've been oh-so-amused pussyfooting around your explosive temper while searching for half-truths and stumbling upon lies.

Why on earth would I care to know the truth?

He told me anyway.

I put on a pretense of having learned to "listen to him" a.k.a. "believe everything he says."

The truth is - and we all know how honest he is - he wasn't having an affair at all.

He had simply selected a female coworker, then established a personal goal of getting her to "come home with him".

That's all.

It's a good thing I "listened to him." Because THAT behavior is SOOOO much less sleazy than the scenario I had imagined.

If only I had known to begin with that it was ONLY a one night stand, I might have given him my blessing. And here, all along, I thought he was doing something immoral.

I'm sooo glad he cleared that up for me!

What a relief! Now I can go back to thinking of him as a committed husband and fine, upstanding man. Whew!

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