Friday, July 13, 2007

Dumb Runs Deep

It would seem that dumb is even dumber than one might imagine.

While we are all sitting around, waiting for DH to begin the literacy classes he so obviously needs, he has been quite too occupied with other things to take note of his apparent inability to read.

It is sad, in a way, that after all the trouble I have been through, my divorce declaration sits on his coffee table, untouched by the eyes for which it was intended.

But, to DH's credit, he has been very busy. In fact, I can hardly blame him for having so little time to devote to reading a crumby divorce paper (and he only had to get to Page 2 to read about his money laundering scheme).

See, just this morning, he withdrew FOUR times his usually daily amount from his (our) accounts. He also took out an additional $75,000 cash from his home equity line of credit.

I can't imagine what he is intending to do with all that cash...

SURELY, he would be smarter than to hide it in his car...or in his underwear drawer...or on his kitchen counter top...surely.

Further, in the process of my thorough review of his daily activities, I have found that I was mistaken about The Lake Ho.

I hate when I'm wrong. It makes me look less competent at what I do.

I may have given the impression in my previous post that DH had contacted The Lake Ho on the Fourth of July. This was in error. Shame on me for not checking my facts first.

DH actually called her right after I left, many months ago. The door had barely swung shut behind me and he was already on the phone with his Ho-Mistress.

Now I know for sure that he was being absolutely sincere when he told me he wanted to work things out.

There's nothing like taking up with your old mistress to show your wife how devoted you are to saving your marriage.

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Devan said...

He is ticking ME off by taking all that money. What an ass.