Thursday, July 12, 2007


Sixteen pages.

That's how many pages were in DH's little package o' divorce papers.

I know it must be a lot to sort through, however, there was only one sentence written in bold type.

That's the one he should have read. Certainly, it was the easiest to see.

Why, oh why, did he not read it?

He must not have.

It said "Respondent also has approximately $XXXXXX in cash in his safe deposit box that he has been trying to launder and conceal in anticipation of divorce."

Surely if he had read it, he would not have stopped at the ATM this morning and taken out even more money.

Sigh...Now I have to wait until this evening for him to get home and have another opportunity to read the stinkin paperwork before I can provide an account of his explosive reaction to finding out that I know.


Devan said...

he sounds like a real genius...

Claire said...

you are kidding me?

what a muppet... can't wait to hear his reaction!

The Flower Maiden said...
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