Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's off to the lake we go!

Finally! An acknowledgement!

"I got the papers."

Yes, but have you read them yet?

The answer would still be "no."

An even larger chunk of money was stealthfully removed from the accounts again this morning.

There were also four suspicious debit card authorizations for four different gas stations. All within 24 hours. That would be an odd amount of gas to be using.

Could it be that DH is fleeing the country with his ill-gotten gains?

Ahhhhh...that would be perfect. He would miss his court date and I would win. I eagerly plotted his gas station stops on a map to see where he was heading.

Much to my dismay, it was not a remote island prone to tsumanis or an African savannah surrounded by ferocious lions.

There could be only one destination he had in mind.

A lake.

But not just any lake.

The lake he has visited with The Lake Ho for the past 20+ years.

Hmmm...this could mean only one thing...

I'm thinking DH thinks he's too sneaky for me to ever figure it out.


Devan said...

GAH!! How can you stay so calm??? I would be so pissed about his sneakiness...

Melanie said...

You would think with all that money, he could afford to buy a clue!