Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Matters of Heart

Recently, my mom found herself admitted to the hospital over some concerns with her heart. Fortunately, everything turned out just fine.

Everything, that is, except for the blemish left upon DH's soul for conduct unbecoming even a remorseless asshat.

In a moment of worry, it would seem that my common sense suffered from a minor slippage. I confided in DH about my worry for my mom.

Yes, I know...this was about as effective as asking for sympathy from the pile of doggie dung baking in the sun on the edge of the sidewalk.

DH was charitable enough to inform me that I was personally and solely responsible for my mother's heart troubles.

It seems that I, being a lazy, selfish, worthless, whiney, ungrateful, childish, manipulative, LOSER of a helpless little girl am driving my mom ("that poor woman") to have a heart attack.

If anything happens to her, it will be MY fault and my fault alone.

"Don't ever forget it," he admonished me.

It was kind of him to tell me, really. I chose to pass it along here because I feel that I've been really hard on DH lately. I may have somehow given the impression that he was heartless or perhaps, just plain evil.

In truth, as you can see by the deep and moving concern he expressed for my mom, he is a kindhearted, benevolent soul.


Devan said...

I'm speechless! He really is an asshat.

dkscott2002 said...

Holy moly. Everytime I read something about him I want to smash his face in!

Melanie said...

He's so manipulative...he's trying to use your mother's poor health to guilt you into backing off.

amy said...

Unbelievable! What a piece of work. We really do need to have a meet up for a beat up!