Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Fantastic Drama

When engaged in battle, it is always wise to rally one's allies around oneself.

Regretfully, DH has no allies.

So he has been reduced to soliciting support from my family members. Specifically, my sister-in-law.

Now, it should be noted that attempts to win my SIL over to the dark side would be about as effective as DH raising an army from within the ranks of MZ.

Yet he persists in his efforts, tripping over himself in his hasty attempts to brand me as a family outcast.

One such effort, so craftily created, entailed sending SIL a brutally honest account of his warped reality. He addressed, in his email, my vast failings as a wife and human being, primarily during the period of my doctor-ordered bedrest for preterm labor, although he prefers to refer to this as the time I "sat on my lazy ass." In my defense, I spent the rest of our marriage working full-time, sometimes with a second part-time job.

For the sake of honesty, please note that I have edited this email for grammar, punctuation, and proper spelling, none of which he chose to include. I would hate to give the false impression of...intelligence...on DHs part.

So do you believe everything [007] says? Maybe you or your husband [my brother] might want to call me and get my side.

OUR bank accounts and investment accounts? Those were MY accounts. During OUR marriage she did not do shit. OUR house in Utah was bought with MY money. OUR vending machines that I bought so that she would be able to stay busy while she sat on her lazy ass all day are MINE. Oh, by the way, I have to take care of those damn machines because, well, [007] did not have time.

She wanted a baby and as soon as she got what she wanted she left. She told me on 6/21 in front of my therapist she had filed for divorce. She had been gone three months with no sign that she wanted to work things out. I took her seriously.

On the 26th of June, I sent an email to a girl at work. I am sure you know of it because everyone else does. She had been gone for three months!! Why is that no one questions her? She was so mistreated? She lived off the fat of the land ever since she met me. I never asked her for anything. So she can fuck off DAMN bitch.

In case there is any question, he gave me less than $100 per year for the duration of our marriage. That would be roughly, cent per hour. Quite a bargain, even for a wife who sits on her lazy ass to keep from birthing a 23 week-old baby.

In contrast, I generally spent $200-$300 per month on his general comfort and care, including his cheese (that he would not allow me to eat) and his hemorrhoid cream.


Devan said...

lol @ hemorroid cream. Even his own ass doesn't like him.

amy said...

What a loser!

dkscott2002 said...

I'm in shock at what a complete ass he is. Wow.

dolphinvet99 said...

I hope SIL isn't buying into this crap!

Melanie said...

Yeah, my ex thought our home was ALL HIS too. Like you, I always worked full-time, with the sole exception of my bedrest while pregnant and a 3 month maternity leave. But anytime he got the chance, our home was referred to as HIS house. When I left, I told him he could have it, because I grew to HATE it anyway.

Major Bedhead said...

Gee, he sounds like quite a catch. I'm amazed that you didn't want to stay with him. *roll eyes*

Kels said...

good grief, what a loser!